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Win at Birds slot with Betwinner

Live Birds slot is considered one of the popular among Betwinner slots. This is not surprising, because simple rules that do not cause complexity even for beginners, a large number of bonuses, a high probability of falling winning combinations – all this is really among all the offers on the site Betwinner, the leading bookmaker with a huge selection of slot machines Birds’ i makes the best slots!

Betwinner slot

How to play Birds in Betwinner?

Before starting the game on the Betwinner site, you are offered a choice between real money and a full-fledged game or a demo version with no real winnings. To familiarize yourself with the site of the Betwinner bookmaker, it is recommended to try your luck on the demo version of the priority slot.

It is absolutely free – no additional steps are required, the functionality of the slot machine is no different. Accordingly, anyone can try the Betwinner demo version without registering, and it will be necessary to register (takes no more than 5 minutes) or log into your account to receive a real win.

Features of the Birds slot at Betwinner

The characteristic features of the Birds slot machine on the site of the Betwinner bookmaker are:

The 3D slot machine is a modern way to design the reels of slot games.
A 3-row and 5-reel game is a classic Betwinner slot with an option to collect the winning combination quickly.

  • Free “flight” without real money attachments will allow players to get the opportunity to win an endless number of spins. Wild bird will replace another bird breed, which increases your chances of winning a Betwinner.
  • ‘Bird song meter’ is a specific accelerometer (also available in demo version) that shows how long you have left before getting free flights.
  • “Double your winnings” is a chance (heads or tails) function that allows each player to win a double odds before spinning.
  • A wide choice of Betwinner individual settings – turbo-game that enables animation to disable or speed up, speed up roller rotation to a great extent, adjust graphics quality, disable animation buttons, turn sound or background music on and off, etc. You can save all settings in your account.

In addition, one can distinguish the beautiful graphic designed in the form of original ‘birds’ (fans will surely appreciate the game of the same name, which has become popular on mobile devices and on PC). However, depending on the Internet access speed, you can adjust the quality of the graphics and special effects in Betwinner.

Basic winning strategies at Birds at Betwinner

If you prefer auto spin, there are two strategies in the birds autoplay settings on the Betwinner site:

  • Maximum loss when playing for real money – set a loss limit at which automatic reel spins will expire.
  • Stop playing for real money – choose the amount of money at Betwinner, if you win this amount the game will be stopped automatically.

As with other slot machines at Betwinner, in Birds you can choose the number of reels spins, bet limit, total amount, etc. during automatic play. You can set it.

For those who like a comprehensive approach to gambling, we recommend choosing one of the following strategies:

  • “Upgrade”. Divisible bet increase on every win at Betwinner. You can win a large amount relatively quickly, but if you lose, the loss will also be large.
  • “Reduction”. From the maximum to half the maximum with reduction by one, the process is repeated after the completion of the ‘circle’.
  • “Under the terms.” If you win, you double your bet, and if you lose, you go down (for the minimum bet, it is not counted until the first win).

Birds on the site of the Betwinner bookmaker cannot guarantee a long game with a single strategy, even if you are 100% sure. Experienced slot players try to change strategies even in a single game depending on the total number of spins on the reels.

It’s not that hard to win at Birds. Thanks to Betwinner, you do not need to visit the provider website and register on different resources – just complete the registration here and play not only on Birds, but also on many other popular slot machines.

If you have questions about the game rules, winning combinations, bonuses, the ‘Bird song meter’, leave a request in the feedback form or contact the representatives of Betwinner in any way convenient for you.

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