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Betwinner betting general rules sports bonus no deposit


If you are trying to increase your income, place sports bets at Betwinner. This BG is considered one of the most reliable in the country, offering players profitable betting and all kinds of bonuses. However, bet
Before you do, you need to carefully study all betting rules so as not to be discredited by the company. Serious consequences can take place if Betwinner casino rules are not followed sports bonus no deposit.

Betwinner betting rules

Betwinner casino bookmaker accepts bets only according to certain rules that every player should know:

  • The final bet approved by the BŞ depends on the type of sport. This bet is determined by the bookmaker individually for each event. If the system includes a series of events with different limits of the maximum bet, its size is equal to the minimum sports bonus no deposit .
  • Bettor repeat betting may be limited.
  • Predictions to events in the world of sports are received in cash, which does not exceed the balance in the bettor account.
  • If the event is cancelled, a refund is possible on a single bet. In the case of canceling one or more events in the accumulator, it is not possible to calculate the winnings.
  • The bookie may remove the odds as well as the final odds of a player without explaining why or
  • All controversial issues are accepted by the BŞ team within one month of the event’s completion.
  • The player is the only person responsible for his actions. The bet will be voided if the bettor has given any false information regarding the event’s totals etc. The above situations apply to minor players and their closest relatives.
  • In case of incorrectly calculated bets, they are recalculated. If there is no money in the bettor account after recalculation, the bettor is not entitled to bet. To do this, he must replenish the account. At the same time, the estimate given during the miscalculation and recalculation period is taken into account.
  • Predictions for regional championships are calculated only after a certain time – during the week (after the official announcement of the championships). If the teams did not meet, it is a loss and the bet is calculated with odds of 1.
  • The maximum amount of winnings is 65 thousand euros.
  • BŞ reserves the right to cancel a bet made on an incorrect list. This is program error, employee mistake, etc. it could be. Calculation is based on clearly defined totals.
  • If the bettor places a bet on a known outcome, no bets will be accepted on a football or hockey match. If fraudulent means are used, the player’s account may be blocked by Betwinner employees.
  • The minimum bet amount is -0.2 Euros.
  • Betting can only be made on events available on the list. The bettor unconditionally accepts the odds.
  • The bet is accepted after registration. Football, NHL, etc. It is not possible to edit or delete recorded bets.
  • Events are postponed or canceled if there is data from official information sources.
  • “Simultaneous arrival” is an outcome in which one player is the winner. If there are two – the bet amount is divided by two when calculating the coupon. However, if there are more than three winners, the calculation is made with odds of 1.
  • Live betting and listing are not corrected or canceled except as described above sports bonus no deposit.
  • Predictions for NHL, tennis, basketball and the like are accepted if the sporting event has not yet started. The start date published in the list is considered approximate. Bets placed after the event has started will be void. Only live, ie during the match, the prediction is valid. By making such a bet, the bettor certifies that he does not know the outcome of the sporting event on which the bet was made.

No bets accepted sports bonus no deposit .

  • From those who do not show a passport;
  • Bettors using self-restraint in Betwinner;
  • from non-adult players;
  • coach, athlete and other persons affiliated with the sporting event.

Responsibility for the slightest violation of the above rules is borne by the player sports bonus no deposit . BŞ reserves the right to make changes to the payment order without any notice. If you are familiar with the Betwinner casino betting rules, you will not have any disputes with your bookie. Remember, whoever owns the information must protect it.

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